About Bulli Football Club

Bulli Football Club was established in 1901 and is a member club of Football South Coast. The club has a proud history of being a family club and currently has 7 teams (First Grade, Youth Grade, Under 18’s, Over 35’s and 3 Ladies teams). Bulli FC became a limited company in 1994 after purchasing Balls Paddock Children’s Centre, a community based non-profit long day care centre for 2 to 5 year old children which is run by representatives from Bulli Football Club, parents and community members. We are always looking for new members and invite all interested persons to come along to our games or Club Meetings.


Paul Connery, Carloyn Muir, Rod Bastian, Phil Grant, Dane Hamilton, Ray Smith, Ben Smith, Christine Hamilton, John Van De Voorde,

Life Members

Roy Hancox, Edith Hancox, Paul Hancox, Tony Hancox, Christine Hamilton, Jock Hamilton, Alex Matiuscenko, Ken Mangles, David Haines, Bill Spicer, Bob Sargeson, Hans Van Ede, Steve Hammersley, Gary Mann, Grahame Baker, Elaine Baker, Alexander “Sandy” Christie, Duncan McNeill, Richard McNeill, Harry Kappen, Kevin Love, Steve Davies, Abe Cajar, John Gardiner, Klaus Simovic, Carolyn Muir, Brian Hobbs, Lennard Bain, Phillip Grant, Rodney Paterson, Paul Connery

Committee Members

Club President: Paul Connery

Secretary: John Van De Voorde

Treasurer: Carolyn Muir 

General Committee: Kevin Love, Chris Curtin, Lenny Bain, Ray Curtin, Steve Davies, Klaus Simovic, Edith Hancox, Alan McLeish, Rod Paterson, Tom McDonald, Peter Bott, Jeff Wearing, Roy Hancox, Christine Hamilton, Warren Baker, Brent Mckellar, Zoe Connery, Jami Bott, Jeff Wearing, Daniel Hawke, Jason Heggarty